Social Service in Villages – English Essay

By | January 1, 2019

“Educated villagers will perform social service willingly and happily.”

Villages all over the country stand in need of social service. In fact, our villagers are still backward when the world has advanced a great deal. Social service in the villages in the fields of education and health is urgently needed. This means that villagers need to be educated and trained. They require suitable medical care too. First of all, we should make the rich, educated landlords understand the need to educate the poor villagers. The landlords should be prepared to open schools in the villages and to provide them books and stationery.

The educated people in cities like teachers, office workers, and students can go to the villages to teach poor villagers. They can stay there for this purpose, say, for a month during the year. They can teach villagers how to read and write. Then, after repeated visits, they can teach them books of the primary class. Then, later, they can lead them to the middle, and then to the matriculation class. Lastly, they can teach them professional books on the farming, industry, marketing, public relations, hunting, fishing, animal and bird care and on several other topics.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The Social Welfare Department and Education Department of the government are engaged in providing facilities of education to villagers. But they cannot do this alone. The co-operation of village landowners, common villagers and city people with the government is essential (most important).

Village landowners or landlords should try to provide medicines to common villagers free of cost. They should rather set up small hospitals and pay doctors fees or salaries. Quite a few small children die, as they do not get suitable medical treatment. The government can obtain the co-operation of social workers in the cities and villages to provide suitable medical facilities in the rural areas. Special social service centers should be set up in the villages. These centres should make arrangements for providing work to the unemployed or under-employed villagers. For this, they may set up small-scale industries for producing towels, socks, pens, knives, crockery, furniture and other items of daily use.

Our private social welfare organizations should work together to improve the condition of the villagers. These organizations should co-operate with the Social Welfare Department of the government and make useful suggestions to it. Then village uplift (progress on different levels) will have bright possibilities.

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