Short Paragraph on The Pollution

The paragraph on Pollution (300 Words)

Environmental pollution is a term that refers to all the ways by which people pollute their surroundings. People make the air dirty with gases and smoke, poison the.. water with chemicals and other substances, and damage the soil with too many fertilizers and pesticides. People also pollute their surroundings in different ways. For example, they ruin natural beauty by scattering garbage on the land and in the water. They operate machines and motor vehicles that fill the air with disturbing noise. Nearly everyone causes environmental pollution in some way.

Environmental pollution is one of the most serious problems we are facing today. Air, water, and soil are being harmed by pollution. Badly polluted air can cause illness and even death. Polluted water kills fish and other marine life. Pollution of soil reduces. the amount of land available for growing food. Environmental pollution also brings ugliness to our naturally beautiful world.

Everyone wants to reduce pollution. But the pollution problem is as complicated as it is serious. it is complicated because much pollution is caused by things that benefit people. For example, smoke from automobiles causes a large percentage of all air pollution. But the automobile provides transportation for millions of people. Factories, discharge much of the material that pollutes air and water, but factories provide jobs for people and produce goods the people want. Too much fertilizer or pesticides can ruin soil, but fertilizers and pesticides are important aids to the growing crops.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Thus, to end or greatly reduce pollution immediately, people would have to stop many things. But pollution can be gradually reduced in several ways. Scientists and engineers can work to find ways to lessen the amount of pollution that such thing as automobiles and factories cause. The government can pass and enforce laws that are essential to reduce pollution.

The paragraph on Pollution (400 Words)

The word pollute means to destroy the purity of things. To make everything dirty. Pollution, today, has become a grave problem which is destroying the purity of the air, the seas and the land, threatens the survival of living things.

Man is a social animal and he has to fit into the society. There should be a balanced relationship between him and his environment. He is dependent upon other forms of life, upon corn and upon animal flesh and must learn to respect nature and the earth.

Pollution is the result of reckless science and violent technology. It is more visible in its various forms in the advanced societies of the West. It can be seen in the indiscriminate cultivation of land, the destruction of forests and in the extermination of active species. The massive use of pesticides and herbicides is poisoning the ecosystem of the earth. Industrial wastes and automotive emission represent a major and perhaps lasting hazard to life.[the_ad id=”17142″]

Atmospheric pollution as a result of emissions of carbon monoxide, sulfur oxides, and hydrocarbons has become the subject of growing concern and has led to increasing pressure for restrictions of the burning of fossil fuels. It is estimated that currently more than 20 billion tons of carbon dioxide are being released in the atmosphere in this way every year. The discharge of these air pollutants is infecting river, lakes and oceans.

Concern for the environment is no longer confined to western man. With the widespread use of technology, the evils of the industrial system with its emphasis on mass production and the profit motive, have begun to manifest themselves in the countries of the Third World as well. In this sense the whole world is now in a process of westernization.

Pakistan has a high rate of population growth. More mouths to feed compel increase in production and result in more and more industrialization. All the factories give off smoke and gases as part of their moral operation and have a harmful effect on the health of the people living in the surroundings.

Very often these chemical poisons are carried for miles in the air and pollute the atmosphere. The Taj Mahal at Agra is already suffering the ugly effect of the fumes emanating from the industrial complex in its vicinity.

If pollution is not checked, the solid and liquid wastes discharged in the rivers and canals would endanger marine, animal and human life. This factor is of grave concern because Pakistan depends on its waterways for the fulfillment of so many of its needs.

Auto rickshaws, buses and trucks leaving dark trails of carbon monoxide are a common sight in the big cities of the country. Unfortunately, we have no noise abatement society or agency to curb such pollution.

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