Short Essay on Vocational Education

By | January 7, 2019

Vocational education is that provided to students going to join definite professions. Is also offered to those already working in these professions or vocations. Vocational education is different from general education of the arts and the sciences.

Vocational education is of different kinds. It may be technical for those intending to engage in industrial work. It may be agricultural for those going (take up) agricultural or farming as a profession. Then, it can be education or engineering, medical, legal, teaching, business, banking, insurance, and other professions.

Vocational education is generally given in vocational schools, colleges or universities. In industrial and technical schools, the basic skills in the use of different machines and the processes of maintaining, working and repairing them are taught. Such schools may also have classes for ordinary workers and helpers working on different kinds of machines, carpenters making furniture of a high quality, tailors, painters, welders, blacksmiths, goldsmiths, handicraft workers, etc.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Our education system should aim at expanding technical education. Under the system, technical subjects can be introduced in the art colleges. Students can be imparted (given) special professional, training in the fields of industry, agricultural business, education, electronics, dairy farming, vegetable farming, nursing, etc.

Our country needs properly educated and trained engineers, mining experts, scientists, and technicians for quick development and scientific progress. We require properly trained teachers, lawyers, bankers, business experts, journalists and so on for quick social and cultural progress. We can have these through vocational education in different fields.

Both men and women should try to receive suitable vocational education. Our country will make rapid progress when most of our people can work efficiently effectively and well) in their professions.

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