Short Essay on The Muslims Backwardness

Pakistan is one of the Islamic countries that stretch across Asia, Africa, and Europe. Muslims live in large numbers in all parts of the world and are respected as an organized community whose members have advanced to great heights as scientists, artists, writers, architects, doctors, engineers, computer experts, and professionals in almost every field of life.

What is it that is keeping the Muslims masses (common people) and Muslim countries or states backward when Muslims as individuals are so advanced? It is quite easy to give the causes of Muslims’ backwardness as ations though it is very difficult to work for their removal.

The first cause of general Muslim backwardness is the political and economic systems of Muslims states including our semi-dictatorial system of government. Quite a few. Middle-Eastern Muslim-states have the old-fashioned monarchical systems. When democracy has not been allowed by the powerful sections of society to grow lines, how can the common people advance and prosper?

The second major cause of Muslims’ backwardness is the economic systems of Muslim countries. Far from acting on the noble Islamic principles of economic and social equality and social justice, they promote Western capitalism. It is surprising, rather shocking, to find, those very institutions that have been rejected and thrown overboard in the West are still accepted and promoted in our Muslim states. The worst institution that tops the list is feudalism that has affected the whole society like poison circulating through the human body.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The third major cause of Muslims’ backwardness is the absence of proper educational arrangements and facilities to promote modern scientific, technical and technological education. No right steps have been taken by the governments and non-governmental organizations in these countries to educate the common people in these fields.

It is also surprising and shocking that the Muslim countries have not acquired the necessary knowledge and skills in the use of the English language. The development of their native languages like Arabic and Urdu has been far too slow or inadequate. English, in their situation, could have opened the doors of modern advancement on them.

Lastly, one of the major causes of the backwardness of Muslim countries is their inability to change their out-dated cultural and social traditions and customs. They could not apply the principle of “ijtihad” or reason to their conditions. Their marriage, birth and revenge traditions, for example, continue to be the same as earlier.

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