Short Essay on Telecommunications

By | January 8, 2019

In the modern world, the radio, TV, telephone and telegraph and communication satellites (telecommunications) are of the utmost importance. Without these, our present modes (ways) of living, our business and industrial activities and progress as a whole will be hard to maintain (continue).

First of all, the radio and TV are essential (completely necessary) to the communication of news, information and ideas from one place to another. All the political, economic and social developments around the world are easily conveyed to us through these media. Governments depend on the media to a great extent (in a big way) for the explanation and popularization of their internal and external policies. They try to influence and change public opinion in their countries, and in others. TV and radio play a vital (of the greatest importance) role in the education and entertainment of the common people.

The use of communication satellites for connecting TV networks in one part of a country to those in other parts or for connecting one country to another is on the increase. We can now easily view on our TVs programmes being telecast in far off countries or continents. The use of these satellites has made the speedy communication of news and information easy. Important events like test matches in one country can be viewed in another country without any loss of time.[the_ad id=”17141″]

We cannot do without the telephone in our private live and public life of business, industry, law, education and other spheres. Over the telephone we can talk to people far away from us any time we like. Business matters are discussed and decided on the telephone. Overseas telephone calls are common now. Direct dialing between cities and countries is much like local dialing. Three developments in telephone use are more meaningful. Firstly, for the quick communication of industrial, business or medical data to the computer the telephone is being used. The computer, located miles away, can readily calculate the results of the data and send them back. Secondly, picture phone calls let us hear the voice of the speaker as well as see him speaking. Thirdly, the use of the laser beam in the telephone means the use of light to communicate words or messages through it. Thus, the light will is being used to convey pictures and messages.

Modern telecommunications for rapid economic and cultural progress is inescapable. All new developments in telecommunications in the advanced countries are meant to be within our reach if we want to develop and progress in real terms.

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