Short Essay on Some Popular Superstitions

By | January 2, 2019

“Superstitions have held back our progress in different ways.”

Superstition” means belief of people in the hidden powers that they think can bring about changes in nature and society. Superstition has its roots in ignorance fear and old useless traditions that still cloud influence the understanding of many people, especially in our villages. Still, there are people, at the start of the 21st century, who believe that hidden strange powers like spirits, ghosts, and fairies govern our life in several different ways.

Here, many believe superstitiously that when a black cat crosses our path, we may fail to do what we want to do. It is thought that walking in the shadows of trees at night can invite the anger of dangerous ghosts. When the crow caws sitting on the wall, a lot of guests are expected. Another superstition says that if we visit a building where no one has gone for years, evil spirits may harm (damage) us.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Now, about the West. Walking under a ladder or meeting a person on the stairs is sometimes considered dangerous as a spirit or a god going up or coming down may trouble us. There is the famous mirror superstition that says that a man’s soul can be seen in his reflection in the mirror.

Superstitions connected with numbers are very common. It is supposed that three and thirteen are connected (associated) with bad happenings or bad luck. A cat washing its face over its ears is supposed to be a sign of rain. It is thought that a bride is lucky when a cat sneezes on the day before her wedding. Killing a cat is considered extremely (very much) unlucky. Our religion tells us that everything in our life is the result of good or bad intentions, efforts and the will of God. If we are honest in our efforts, God brings us success. Hidden powers like spirits, ghosts, and fairies are only our fears and doubts.

Through education and social training, we can bring all superstition to an end. If we do not I try to educate the ignorant on the right lines, superstitions will continue to contribute to their backwardness and poverty.

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