Short Essay on Scientific Education

By | January 7, 2019

Ours is a scientific world. We have made use of scientific principles in almost every field of our practical life. We have made life easy and comfortably by developing machines and instruments that provide us the maximum comfort in the home and outside. At the same time, we have created possibilities of destroying. ourselves and our civilization by developing complex (sophisticated) weapons of war. For all the positive and negative uses of science that we have to make, we need scientific knowledge of the highest order.

Firstly, we need scientific education that can promote our industrial development in the best possible ways. Scientific education, in this sense, should be given on two levels, for the smooth running and maintenance (keeping in good condition) of the machines used in our factories and for the designing and production of new and more effective machines.

Secondly, we need to learn the latest methods of agricultural production. For this, we should have theoretical and practical knowledge of different methods of growing crops, of protecting the crops and plants from insects, and diseases and of various ways of mechanical farming. We have special institutions like the Faisalabad Agriculture University where students research on ways of improving food production and developing new varieties of food grains and fruits.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Thirdly, scientific knowledge is essential to the maintenance of communications-railway, air and sea transport, radio, television, and telephone. We need people having specialized knowledge and training to maintain the whole system of communications.

Fourthly, scientific education is needed to maintain private and public health. Continuous study and research in the advanced countries have resulted in the development of highly effective drugs and medicines that can cúre most of our diseases. We, too, should have medical education of the highest order. Scientific knowledge is needed even to maintain the health and condition of the animals and birds under our care. We should be in touch with the latest research in medical science to keep our farm animals and birds in good health.

Fifthly, scientific knowledge is essential to the preparation of weapons of war. To defend ourselves and to remain prepared against foreign attacks we need to have modern technology. In this connection, we have made the best use of modern scientific knowledge for becoming a nuclear power.

In fact, the whole structure of our civilization rests on scientific knowledge. We should offer scientific education of the highest order and on modern lines in our schools, colleges, and universities.

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