Short Essay on Pak-Indian Relations

Pakistan and India fought four wars over Kashmir in 1948, 1965, 1972 and 1999 without any positive results. The Kashmir issue (dispute) continues to embitter their relations. There can be no true peace between them without the solution of the Kashmir problem.

It appears from the current state (condition of relations between India and Pakistan that India will not withdraw from any part of Kashmir. The US and World powers have failed, after the UN’s failure, in their efforts to bring about any kind of change in the Indian position.

India started the construction of the Baglihar dam on the Chenab and the Kishan Ganga dam on the Neelam river in Kashmir. She did this in violation of the Indus-Water Treaty of 1960 between the two countries. These dams will reduce the flow of water into our rivers. India is not willing to stop their construction and does not bother to consider Pakistan’s legal position. She can start other similar dams on the Indus, Jhelum, and Chenab, violating the Indus-Water Treaty, reducing our share further. What kind of friendship can be there between the two countries in this situation? How can the Kashmir issue be resolved when India disregards the Kashmiris as a party together with us?[the_ad id=”17141″]

In 1998, the world had to accept India and Pakistan as atomic powers after their atomic explosions. This was the start of a new phase (stage) in their relations. Now, any major military conflict between the two will lead to atomic war. This understanding deters (keeps) them from attacking each other,

Now, when a large-scale war between India and Pakistan is not possible, how can Pakistan try to win back Kashmir? All through history, war has been a means of getting back lost territories from the enemy. The Kargil war started with this understanding, had to be stopped when the two countries were on the verge of (very close to) using atomic weapons.

The efforts of the Indian and Pakistani leaders and people to establish ties of friendship, business and culture look like moonshine in the above background. Is it yet another phase or chapter of deception of peace, after the deception of war and conflict, that we are in? What is it that the people of Pakistan and Kashmir are being led into through the corridors of talks and negotiations? The terrorist attacks on Mumbai in 2008, which India blamed on Pakistan, embittered Indo-Pak relations very much.

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