Short Essay on My Ideal Teacher

“Teachers make possible our progress in life and everything. that can improve the country and nation.”

I like my teacher of English, Mr. Irshad, most. He is my favorite teacher. I tell something about him. Mr. Irshad is a young man of about thirty. He is quite handsome. He wears clean and beautiful clothes. We find him wearing clothes of light colours in the summer and of dark in the winter. Mr. Irshad is very kind to the students. He is quite frank with us and talks to us in a brotherly way. He often asks us about our problems and difficulties. He helps us in every possible way. Mr. Irshad always comes to our class on time. Only sometimes is he absent, and that only when he is ill. He asks us that we should also be punctual. He is angry with a student who is often late for class or who does not write his homework.

Mr. Irshad teaches us in a very pleasing manner. He tells the meanings of all the difficult words in our essays and poems and also uses them in balanced and impressive sentences of his own. He tries to remove every difficulty of ours. He asks us again and again (repeatedly) if we need his help in understanding anything.[the_ad id=”17141″]

My English teacher is very able and intelligent as he understands the inner meanings (significance) of every poem, essay and play and explains it in various (different) ways. He has now made the most difficult parts of our courses of study understandable and interesting to us. He can answer all the questions that we put to him on any linguistic or literary problem. He can even answer questions on subjects other than English.

In fact, our teacher has read a lot. He says with pride that he used to steady six to eight hours a day when he was a student. As a result, he always got very high marks in his examinations. Rightly, he never limited his studies to his courses (of study).

Mr. Irshad is very strict on three points. He does not let latecomers enter his class. He checks the books of the boys, and those who are without books are not allowed to sit in his class. Then he checks the homework of the boys very strictly. I think that he does all this for our benefit.

Other teachers and the Principal like Mr. Irshad for his pleasing manners and high principles. The Principal often gets his advice in important college matters and problems. Recently he made him President of the Students Welfare Society. To me, Mr. Irshad is an ideal teacher. He may have some faults. But no one can easily notice them as he is so perfect on the whole.

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