Essay on My Best Friend in English

By | January 6, 2019

My Best Friend Essay- 500 Words

“My best friend is better than all my other friends because has the best qualities of the heart and mind that he uses unselfishly.”

Thave only a few friends though I know and meet many students every day. The best of my friends is Javed, who is my classmate. In fact, Javed and I have been friends for many years. We studied together in the same school. Their other students called us inseparable and gave examples of our friendship to others. Javed’s habits are very pleasing. He always meets others with a smiling face. He greets his elders and talks to them with respect. He behaves kindly towards the young.

Javed is always helpful to me. He readily offers his books, clothes and other things of daily use whenever I need them. I use his motorbike when mine is out of order. I also give him my things whenever he needs any. In fact, my things are his, and his are mine. We take each other as members of the same family and meet like brothers, Javed and I have common aims in life. Both of us want to become doctors. We often discuss our future plans. Both of us intend to set ourselves up as doctors in Lahore or Rawalpindi.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Javed is a very successful student as he always gets very high grades in his examinations in college. He had passed the matriculation examination in a high first division. His teachers are all very happy with him, and often praise (talk highly of) him for his hard work and winning habits. Some of his teachers say that they have never seen a student like Javed.

Javed is a fine cricket player as he bowls almost perfectly. I also play cricket with him in college. Two or three times our college won cricket matches against other colleges because of his performance. Javed says that an ideal (perfect) student is one who is successful in the classroom as well as on the playground. I feel he himself is an ideal student. I try to be like him as much as I can. To me he is no less than a guiding star.

Javed wears simple and clean clothes. He is not so fashionable. Once I told him to be fashionably dressed. He replied that he would request his parents to buy him better clothes. But he would not press them much for it as they were short of money. Then he said that he did not care what others thought of him in ordinary dress. What mattered most to him was inner ability and strength of character. My friend has only one objectionable habit. He gets angry very soon. However, he immediately forgets the cause of his anger. I often advise him not to get angry over ordinary matters. Javed is an interesting companion to me as he keeps me happy. His jokes are new and fit for every occasion or situation. I enjoy his company more than anyone else’s and miss him badly when he is out of town for a long time.

My Best Friend Essay- 600 Words

‘A friend in need; is a friend indeed.’

Friendship and friends are very noble terms. In the modern materialistic world, there is dearth of values like love, friendship, altruism, goodness, justice, truth and patriotism. Infact rise of civilization is fall of moral values.

Friendship is the lifeblood of social life. A person may be surrounded with all the comforts and luxuries of life. He/she may possess unlimited pelf and power; and maybe above all wants. But there are moments when success does not knock at the door. A person is tossed by waves of time. When one is gloomy, dejected and sad and afflicted with pain. He/she wants someone to share his/her secrets and sorrows, an encouraging and comforting hand; and it is good and true friend. [the_ad id=”17142″]

True friendship is a rarity. It requires great wisdom and intuition to choose friends. As one would not trust a person with the key of the golden box, one would not blindly choose a friend or make friendship. It is true; a friend in need is a friend indeed. He always stands with you through thick and thin.

My tested and best friend is Salman. His father is a retired military officer; and they live in defence society. He is not only my class fellow, but also my best friend. I am son of poor parents. I work as a mechanic in a motor garage and study in a college in the evening shift. Our friendship in like the meeting of the twains-the west and the east. We live in a hut in Khamosh Colony. \

Salman is very kind-hearted and humble-minded and simple. He loves to serve and lift others. He is a first class student, ambitious to go up in life. I have very little time for studies. We became friends while working in a college drama and began to sit together in the class. When he came to know about my poor background and handicaps, he decided to come to my rescue. He would tutor me in the free periods and even condescended to come down to by work place and help in solving my difficulties. He always inspires and encourages me to make my future. He is trustworthy.

I often visit his place on festivals and holidays. He treats me like a brother and nobody knows anything about my background. Once when I was hospitalized after a serious accident in the garage, he used to visit me daily, encouraged me, and prayed for my health. He even obliged me by donating blood because I had bleeding before being admitted in the hospital.

My good friend also obliges me with financial help when I have rocky times. He got first class in the annual examination and my name was under II class. I am really grateful to him for helping me in weak subjects. I rang him up for standing first class first, but he did not believe me. It was really a moment of great joy for me. I went to congratulate him on his grand success. Next day he visited my work place with a box of sweetmeats.

My good friend also helped me in placement. Now, through ḥis good offices, I am working as a Cashier in a bank. I owe all my success in life to him. He has also helped me to acquire a respective house on rent. I am proud of my friends a life long blessing, full of mutual respect and love.

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