Short Essay on Library and Its Uses

By | January 7, 2019

Firstly, a library provides all sorts of books on different subjects. We can read many different books on the same subject by various writers. Thus, for reading the ideas of different writers on the same subject or for comparing their ideas (for comparative study) the library is the best place. For example, a student or scholar may like to read the ideas of different writers on democracy. He finds perhaps hundreds of books on the history and working of democracy by foreign writers and our own. He can then write fine essays or even books on democracy and other systems of government himself. A person cannot normally buy a very large number of books on a subject. Even if he can but most of them, he cannot keep them all the time in his house. He cannot change his rooms into a library.

Secondly, a library provides different newspapers in different languages. We can read any newspapers we like and then compare the news and views in one with those in others. We cannot practically buy so many newspapers each day. A library makes available so many magazines coming from different parts of the country and from all corners of the world. We may be able to borrow them at times.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Thirdly, modern libraries now provide videocassettes and films on arts and science subjects. We can view them in the library itself. Or sometimes we can borrow them for use at home or in school or college. We can thus combine the pleasures of reading with listening and watching films on the mini screen (of TV).

Fourthly, libraries have a very proper atmosphere or situation for studies. We can sit there for hours on end without being disturbed by any noise or talk. If we become a regular visitor to a library, we can get into the habit of studying regularly. Then we can improve our general knowledge and the knowledge of our courses of study easily.

We should have useful and well-equipped libraries in every part of the country.

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