Short Essay on Industrial Education

By | January 7, 2019

Industrial education means education about different kinds of machines, their parts, and their repairs. Students learn in industrial schools and workshops on how to maintain machines (keep them in good working order), what oils to use in them and how to check their working mechanically with modern equipment. In order to use computerized machinery, computer education up to certain levels is also necessary. The use of computers and the best mechanical processes (methods) in the operation of machines increases (adds to) production or output and income. The efficient working of machines as individual units leads us to the setting up of plants, factories or industries which are nothing but (except) groups of machines of the same kind engaged in the production of the same kinds of goods. Thus, China, a world industrial power, has set up machines in groups in different areas that industrially trained labor operates and controls in regular and planned ways. We can do the same provided (on the condition) that we have first-rate industrial labor.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Why do we require industrial education so badly?

Ours is an industrial age (period of history). We produce things of daily use like bicycles, radios, TVs, electric fans, cooling equipment like air conditioners and refrigerators, agricultural equipment like tube-well engines and electric generators, sports goods, surgical instruments, and so on with different kinds of machines. We have well established industries from which we get goods like sugar, cloth, medicines, shoes, furniture, etc. We have started assembling cars, trucks, tractors, other vehicles, and planes in big plants. Later, we shall be producing and even exporting them. For all this industrial education is necessary.

Our defense industry needs specially trained technicians and workers. Special training institutions may be set up to meet the requirements of our armed forces in the production of arms and ammunition.

We may not need any foreign experts in our industrial establishments when we have well-educated and trained industrial professional workers.

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