Short Essay on Courage for Students

By | January 10, 2019

Often people speak of two kinds of courage, that is, physical and moral courage. Physical courage means readiness to face dangers, to fight against difficulties and to make a brave struggle. Moral courage is of a higher quality than physical courage. It means the courage to speak the truth and to do the right thing without caring about the results. It also means readiness to accept one’s faults or mistakes. We make use of the strength of character while showing moral courage.

Any person who wants to succeed well in life should have physical as well as moral courage. He should be ready to face dangers and difficulties physically. And, he should also be ready to express his ideas and beliefs openly. If he can show outer strength of the body, he should also be able to show inner strength of character. He should always be ready to support truth and justice.

A truly courageous person succeeds in life, sooner or later. If he does not succeed in achieving his aims for some time, he does not lose heart and goes on trying to achieve them. For example, a student may not be able to pass his examination in his first attempt. He may pass it very easily and well in his second attempt. A general may be defeated in a certain battle. He may succeed in another, bigger battle at another place. A trader may suffer great losses in business for some time, but he may have profits sometime later. Thus, all these people succeed through courage to face failures in life.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Courage is needed by any person who wants to do anything truly new. A scientist needs the courage to make an invention. He goes on making efforts for a long time to invent or discover something new. He fails in his efforts a number of times. Yet he does not get disappointed. He continues trying in a courageous way until he really succeeds. A player has to struggle hard to become famous. He may face defeating a number of times. Yet if he has courage he goes on making efforts to play better. He may begin winning matches and become a star.

A nation as a whole needs courage to maintain (keep up) its independence. A really courageous nation is always ready to fight against any country that attacks it. It even tries to help other countries if their independence is in danger. It lives with honour and dignity and wants other nations to live thus. In no way does it make a negative use of courage. It does not use force against any country to trouble it or to occupy any part of its territory.

We should have the courage to speak and do what is right and just. We should also have the courage to tell others when they are in the wrong.

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