Short Essay on A Visit to the Zoo

By | January 6, 2019

Outlines for A Visit to the Zoo

  • Zoos are greatly attractive because they offer a variety of animals and birds

  • different animals and birds in their cages and enclosures

  • children especially happy in the zoo

  • my feelings about the zoo of the city

  • the supposed feelings of animals and birds in the zoo

“A zoo is a meeting point of the bird, animal and human worlds.”

Zoos are always a great attraction for all, especially children. Last year I was in another city during the summer vacation, where I visited the zoo with my family. First, we went around the animals’ cottages. The lions in a big cage looked dangerous and horrible. I went close to them and found them to be very much like the cats at home. Soon a lion began roaring in anger and I turned back. Another lion was walking from one end of the cage to the other twisting his tail in a strange way. I saw big pieces of meat being brought to the cage by the zoo servants. It was a great pleasure to see some deer and stags (male deer) in a big enclosure. They were running and playing around the trees and ponds. Soon they started grazing. We photographed the deer in that pose.

We passed by the cages of bears, hippopotamuses (horses which swim in rivers), camels, elephants, zebras, hares, and other kinds of animals. The monkeys were behaving funnily. When other people and we threw anything at them, they threw it back at us. However, when we threw pieces of fruit or grams, they ate them hurriedly and desired to have more. The beautiful cats, Siamese and Tibetan, with very long hair and in white, black and brown colors, were a highly beautiful sight. We wanted to take them home. I asked one of the zoo attendants if kittens were sold in the zoo. He replied that it was not possible, as they sent extra kittens, puppies, and young animals to other zoos in the country or exchanged them with animals from other countries.[the_ad id=”17141″]

As we were walking towards the cages of birds, my friends drew my attention to some long snakes sticking to tall trees. When we went closer, we found many snakes and some dragons in a big cage. They were very shiny, in beautiful colours. I felt afraid of going close and asked my friends to move to the birds.

The birds were of many varieties in many beautiful colors. Soon I noted from a distance that white, black, blue, green, brown and red were the most prominent Sparrows, crows, kingfishers, pigeons, woodpeckers, blackbirds, swallows and many others were sitting on tree branches or flying from one side to another inside the gauzed enclosures. I saw extremely (very much) beautiful parrots some of which were calling us. We gave them fruit, and they asked for more, “aur do, mian mithoo” Then we saw many colored peacocks and peahens. The dance of some peacocks was so attractive that we didn’t like to leave the place.

I felt that I was in a golden world of animals and birds that I never wanted to leave. Now. we were feeling very hungry. So we started towards the cafeteria of the zoo, where we ate some sandwiches, and then started for home. I can never forget this visit to the zoo, whose pictures still hang in my room

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