Short Essay on A Visit to Murree

Last year I visited Murree with my family. We got on a bus at Rawalpindi: The bus ran along difficult and dangerous curves and bends. The beautiful, green pine trees and the hills around made me forget all the dangers of the journey. The bus reached Murree in the afternoon. We got off, picked up our bags and started for the hotel. We had our meal and then slept. Afterward we went out for a walk.

It was very pleasant with the raindrops falling on us. Beautiful shops and restaurants on both sides of the Mall did roaring business until late in the night. Father took us to, a restaurant. We enjoyed listening to modern Pakistani and Western music. In the dim light, I had a romantic desire to stay in the hills forever. “What are you thinking about?”. Mother asked me. “To live here for the rest of my life,” I answered. My sister said jokingly, “Then marry him to a rich mountain girl and leave him here.” | at once said, “Mountain girls are never rich.” All of us laughed a great deal.

The next morning we went to the Kashmir Point that was covered with pine and fruit trees. We ran, jumped and climbed up the hills like carefree and innocent monkeys who were jumping from one branch to another, they above and we below them. The next day, we went to the Picnic Spot with some food and fruit. The Spot was on a hill surrounded by tall dark-green trees. I felt as if I were in Heaven (paradise) itself. Soon the clouds came down and almost covered us.

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Perhaps the most exciting were two experiences. The first was of riding horses. My brothers · and sisters rode with me beautiful white, brown, black and red horses. At some points, our horses slipped, and though we did not fall, we got very upset. However, soon the horses were running fast and we were in control. The second exciting experience was of the chairlift. We rode the chairs hanging by wires and went across several hills. At the middle spot, we landed at “Wonderland,” a beautiful place where we took tea and cold drinks and listened to music. Then we rode back to the starting point. At first, I was afraid of sitting on the hanging chairs and of looking down at the depths. Afterward, I enjoyed it greatly and became as fearless as wild animals.

We repeated the above pleasures for a few days more. Visiting Ayubia was another memorable experience. Its park is simply incomparable, with light and dark-green tall and short mountain trees on all sides. Bushes of different kinds, with or without flowers, were a lovely sight. We went there early in the morning and returned to Murree at night. What I liked most at night was the view of the town spread over several hills with lights burning like bright stars, twinkling and blinking in the distance to our utmost pleasure. Sweet memories of the visit to Murree still refresh me in the noise and heat of the plains:

O where are the joys of yore (past time)
As dejected sit l in the shadows
Of tall structures raised by man
Never forgetful of the charms and glories of what was Nature.

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