Essay on A Visit to a Hospital in English

By | January 6, 2019

A Visit to a Hospital Essay – 400 Words

“Hospitals are places where we fight diseases in comfort.”

It was a long-standing desire of mine to go on a tour around a large public hospital in the company of medical students. I met a few friends, who were studying in a medical college, attached to the general hospital. I made a programme with them for a visit to this hospital with a view to observing the working of its different parts.

My friends took me first to the male outdoor medical ward that was crowded with patients. There were about eight doctors in four rooms examining them by turn. They could not spend enough time on each patient. They only prescribed medicines in a hurry. The patients could not get all these from the dispensary. The female outdoor ward was crowded with women and children. Some of the women were holding babies on their shoulders. The lady-doctors could not examine each patient at ease and to their own satisfaction, what to talk of the satisfaction of the patients.

The scene at the surgical outdoor ward was no different. Patients with several kinds of injuries and pains wanted to have a surgical check-up. They got the treatment after a great deal of waiting. The nurses tried their best to dress the wounds, but they were rather too few to attend to all the patients satisfactorily. We passed by the emergency wards. It was painful to see patients in a dangerous condition. The doctors and nurses readily examined patients with serious injuries. We passed through the indoor medical and surgical wards. Hundreds of patients lay in beds. Some of them were crying in pain. Some were reading newspapers while others were gossiping, perhaps about their hopeless condition and the terrorist acts in different parts of their dear country.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The nurses gave medicines or injected the patients in the indoor wards. I saw some doctors in white coats having a round of the wards. They examined the new cases and looked over the papers and reports of the old ones. Some patients told me that the food was not satisfactory, and the bathrooms were not clean. I looked around and really found a lot of dirt and dust. Perhaps the hospital was not getting enough funds for its maintenance. Yet, the staff of the hospital. was working hard to satisfy the patients. I felt the need to have far better facilities and more doctors in our hospitals. The rich should co-operate with the government in providing these. We can have medical societies in different parts of the country for the uplift and betterment of public and government hospitals. These societies can get donations and grants from big industrialists, landowners, and traders. The money so collected can be spent on streamlining (modernizing and improving) our hospitals.

A Visit to a Hospital Essay – 400 Words

Life is full of pains and sufferings. To be healthy is a great’ blessing of God. The more the medical science has developed, the more the number of diseases has increased. Health care is the responsibility of the government. In a sprawling city like Karachi, The govt.cannot provide free medical facilities. to the people. There are only three Govt. hospitals-Jinnah, Civil and Sindh Hospital in Karachi. The other numbering about fifty, are private hospitals. Half a dozen Medical complexes offer specialized services through the specialists.

If you visit a public hospital, you will find them crowded with patients. In-door patients are visited by their relatives during fixed periods. My visit was different. It was rather an informal visit. My college principal is an influential lady. Through the good offices of her friend Dr. Shahnaz, she arranged a visit to Hanif Hospital in North Nazimabad. It is a private hospital run by some capitalist. It is a well-managed institution.[the_ad id=”17142″]

Inter-science and Arts students visited the hospital in the morning hours. We were accompanied by some Lecturers and English Sir. The Administrator of the Hospital welcome. us. The hospital is housed in a three-storied building. The ground floor is reserved for the specialists (doctors) who sit during specified hours. There were a reception officer and inquiry counter attended by a smart nurse. Doctors and nurses were running up and down. I was impressed by the cleanliness in the hospital.

Then we broke up into five groups of eight to ten. The doctors on duty took us round the wards, computer room and operation theatre turn by turn. The suffering of humanity in the wards moved me. Our incharge Dr. Tariq was smart and well-informed man. Our English Lecturer Mr. Khan was attached to an other group. Dr. Tariq inchange of the computer section, kept a calculator type instrument in Mr. Khan’s pocket and monitored his heart beats and movements. I was surprised to see them on the screen.

After visiting various testing centres, I visited the operation theatre on the 1st floor. We removed our shows before entering the theatre. We saw an accident victim’s operation on the T.V. screen. The relatives of the young kid were praying and weeping outside the theatre. Whenever we went, the doctors and nurses were kind enough to explain the functioning of the unit.

At last we went up the 2nd floor. The grilled gate was locked. The ward boy opened it. The in charge of the ward was an English lady. Mental patients and drug addicts were kept and cured in the ward. Separate sections were used for females and males. I talked to two of them. I asked a handsome young man how he picked up the bad habit. The chap was son of ‘rich parents and educated. He laughed a said:

“Bad company; I am now weaned from the habit.”

At last we all gathered near the waiting room on the ground floor. The administration passed on some useful literature and booklets on health care. At noon I returned to the college.

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