Essay on A Visit to a Factory in English

By | January 6, 2019

A Visit to a Factory Essay – 600 Words


  • Industrialization is the key to the basis of the country’s progress

  • visit to a cloth factory

  • a foreman with me who explained the different parts

  • the administration wing

  • gifts given to me by the hospital staff before my return

“Factory products make their way to markets to make life comfortable and also mechanical.”

In the same way, you can write on your visit to any other factory producing bicycles, electric fans, shoes, furniture, etc. Industrialization is the key to our country’s progress. When I see factories working (in operation) in any part of the country, I feel very happy and proud. Last year expressed the desire of visiting a factory to my father and mother, and later they took me and my brother and sister to a cloth factory outside the city.

A foreman of the factory was with us explaining the working of the cloth factory in detail. First of all, he introduced to us the production section. Quite a big department in it was busy changing pure cotton into thread. Swiftly revolving small spindles were turning cotton into threads of different thickness. We were told that it is the magic of these threads that we have so many varieties of cotton cloth.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Next, we were explained how the thread is changed into different varieties of cotton on huge machines. The machines were running on electricity constantly. It was highly surprising to see huge quantities of the thread being turned into cloth in a matter of a few minutes. Thousands and thousands of meters of well-knit cloth were being produced and put into separate cabins for further treatment. Then, we were taken around the dying department. It was surely a most beautiful scene of a large number of colour schemes displayed above the machines. Some machines dyed the cloth dry and some dyed it wet. The only care the workers took was not to use colors which faded soon or which got dissolved in water.

We were told that color technology (industrial method) is very advanced in countries like Japan, Britain, and America. Their machines and technologies are also much more developed than ours. We are, in fact, lagging behind them (not keeping up with them). As a result, not only that the colors of our cloth are not very much up to the mark (of good quality), but the products cannot be the very best in the world.[the_ad id=”17142″]

Then we were taken to other parts of the factory where different kinds of cloth were being packed into bundles to be sent to markets. The packing was being done on automatic machines. For us, it was quite surprising to see thousands of meters of cloth being wrapped. and packed speedily and faultlessly.

Lastly, we were taken to the administration wing or management section of the factory. Here, we were introduced to the General Manager who had several telephones connected with the different departments and offices. He served us with tea and sent us with office assistants to his different offices. We were particularly happy to see the exports department receiving orders from foreign countries and sending cloth to them.

As we were returning in the afternoon, we were given some choicest cloth, calendars, and diaries of the factory. I still have these with me, which remind me of that grand visit to the factory. Now, I intend to visit other factories manufacturing glass and plastic products, bicycles, safety matches and other items of daily use. I may visit such factories in other countries when I go abroad to learn about the difference between their and our equipment, industrial methods, and quality of products.

A Visit to a Factory Essay – 450 Words

Visits are made or undertaken for different purposes and with different aims. It may be for relaxation, illumination, information, amusement, study and first hand-knowledge, etc. Visit to a factory falls under the last head.[the_ad id=”17142″]

Karachi is the biggest industrial city. It has a huge industrial area called SITE, Sindh Industrial and Trading Estate. It covers an area of 25sq. miles. It was planned and developed in 1950. There are others small ones like Landhi and New Karachi which sprang afterward. My college being a business Education institution arranges such visits every year. During Last winter our class visited Valika Textile Mills on Mongopir road. It is the largest Textile unit of the country.

Young Valika’s being old students of our college, obliged us readily. There were about hundred students and five Lecturers. We arrived at the site by means of two hired buses. Complex of a unit depends on the nature and size of the Industry.

The mill covers an area of about five acres. There are various departments and sections of the factory. The main are Engine room, ginning, and washing section, spinning and spending deptt, the largest, weaving section, starching and finishing deptt, packing deptt, advertisement and sales. A separate two-storied large building houses administration sections.

We splited into five groups of twenty each, headed by a Lecturer. The factory Managers asked the teachers to start from different directions to avoid over crowding. Our group started with the Engine room. It is like the nerve centre that controls various sections and keeps the wheels running. It was hot and deafening. Next I visited the ginning, spinning and splinding sections. Huge machines performed the latter operations. Spinning and splindling section fed the weaving section. I was surprised to see the delicate operations.

I stayed the longest in the weaving section. Weaving machines worth crores of rupees hummed with musical beats. The warp and woof operations produced thousand of yards of cloth. The superior quality cloth was produced by two sophisticated machines.

If a single yarn broke or splitted, the whole plant stopped. The Weaving Master demonstrated it by breaking a fine thread with his hand. The weaving defects were also monitored by the machines. We had already spent two hours in going round the factory. I was greatly impressed by the work of designing section. The Designing Master supervising his team was a very highly paid person. We were introduced to the various sectional heads in the administration block.

At last all of us went to the Boardroom. It was beautifully furnished and air-conditioned. Junior Valika Asghar, one of the director, talked to us in a friendly way. He also treated us with hot cup of tea. We thanked him and said good-bye.

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