Short Essay on A Pleasant Dream

By | January 6, 2019

“Pleasant dreams affect our moods pleasantly. Sometimes they take us to fairyland.”

One night I went to sleep after watching an English movie (film), which was quite interesting. Soon afterward, I was in the dreamland of my imagination. I was in New York, a city famous for its tall buildings, business, and cars. I was driving along, a big car with all the modern facilities and luxuries (comforts and pleasures) in it. By my side was sitting my dearest friend who often told jokes about my pleasure.

My friend and I went to a public park in New York. There we walked across bridges, boated in the lake and refreshed ourselves in the restaurant. After enjoying ourselves for a long time, we sat on a helicopter. The helicopter took us to the roof of the tallest building of the city. There I photographed some famous markets and roads in the city. Later, the helicopter took us to some other buildings and museums.[the_ad id=”17141″]

When we reached the top of a science museum, we at once ran downstairs into it. We went round all the sections of the grand museum to our great satisfaction and greater surprise. We saw all sorts of machines and weapons developed by modern scientists. There were machines that could take huge trees out of the ground to be planted at other places, The machines that could make big holes in mountains for roads were most surprising. The modern weapons were not big in size but could destroy whole cities in minutes. They were atomic weapons of great value. We found examples of scientific progress in the form of medicines that could cure the most dangerous diseases of the day.

While visiting the different parts of the science museum we felt that we were citizens of a new world. Science and machinery governed every step, every movement of ours. Soon after getting out of the science museum, we visited the zoo, the world of animals, birds, and nature. As soon as we went in, we heard the loud roaring of lions, the kings of forests. Suddenly I got up and found myself on the comfortable bed of my small room. I was also roaring in joy. My mother asked me laughing why I was roaring so wildly. “Are you roaming (walking) in a jungle?” “No, mother I was dreaming in my greatest, heartiest joy.”

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