Short Essay on A Journey by Bus

By | January 7, 2019

Outline for A Journey by Bus

  • the bus journey is most common now

  • a bus journey which I cannot easily forget

  • traveled from Lahore to Rawalpindi by the GT Road

  • some happening on the way and passage through some cities

  • at last, arrived in

“Some bus journeys stick to our minds forever.”

Last month, I travelled from Lahore to Rawalpindi by bus. It was at ten on an August morning when I boarded the express bus. The weather was rather hot, and I wanted the bus to start at once to have a feel of the wind hitting me through the windows. That is why I got a seat close to the window behind the driver. I placed my small suitcase under my seat. The conductor tried to pack the bus with as many passengers as possible. It was half past ten when the bus started.

I was in a very happy mood thinking of the time when I would be in Rawalpindi with my sister. I was making plans of visiting different relations there, and of going to Islamabad. The bus stopped at the Ravi Bridge where the conductor paid the toll (tax) for crossing it.[the_ad id=”17141″]

After an hour or so, the bus reached Gujranwala. I desired to go out as I was feeling a little tired. Inside it was a little hot also. I went to the refreshment room of the bus-stand and took a cold drink.

When I returned, I found a boy sitting close to my seat. He greeted me like a friend. I asked him who he was and where he was going. He replied that he was a college student and lived in Gujranwala and was going to Rawalpindi. His name was Nasim. I also introduced myself to him.

Now the bus journey became more pleasant as I could talk frankly to a student of my age. We discussed our studies and plans. Now the bus was approaching Gujrat. We decided to have our lunch at the bus-stand. So when the bus stopped, we got off and had some food and tea. As we were walking to the bus, we saw some persons running after a young man. They soon caught the man who had a knife in his left hand. I heard someone saying loudly “Bring this pickpocket to me.” The pickpocket silently returned the stolen three thousand rupees. The pickpocket was handed over to the police.

Now the bus was running quite fast to make up for (make good) the time lost on the way. I asked the driver to drive carefully and a little slowly. But he asked me to keep quiet and not to disturb him. It will be an incomplete essay if I do not write about the atmosphere in the bus itself. It was not clean inside. It was not air-conditioned like many other buses. But the behaviour of the conductor, cleaner and driver towards the passengers was friendly and hospitable. The passengers themselves were mostly co-operative with each other and with the bus staff. The cries of the small children with their mothers, however, were quite disturbing. At times, the film songs, played on the DVD-recorder were in very loud tones, and some passengers had the tones lowered. It was past 6 in the evening when the bus reached Rawalpindi. We got off thanking our stars that we had reached safely.

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