Short Essay on A Funfair (550 Words)

“You want your life to be a set of funfairs when you do not remember that it is a combination of fun and tragedy.”

Never again shall I forget a funfair I visited this year in the spring vacation. When I was telling my friends about it, some of them asked me loudly, “What is the meaning of “funfair”? I told them that a funfair is a kind of mela or fair where all kinds of people come to watch entertainment shows, eat delicious foods, buy small beautiful things and play different interesting games.

The funfair was arranged by our college students’ welfare society to help poor students with the ticket money. My friends and I reached the college ground gate at about 10 a.m., and after buying five-rupee tickets, went inside the funfair. The very first activity to attract us was a group of singers singing famous folk-songs, connected with our cultural history. Hundreds of students, their parents and friends were standing around the singers clapping their hands. We heard songs about “Heer and Ranjha,” “Sassi and Pannu,” “Laila and Majnu,” “Rustam and Sohrab” and several others to our indescribable pleasure. After each song, the singers received a lot of money from the spectators or onlookers.

The next show to please everyone was the jokers’ programme. We saw five jokers, two with masks, two tall men in bright red clothes and one with a high cap and long stick-in-his hand. The two masked jokers told very fresh and lively jokes, and then asked questions from the red-clothed tall men and the spectators. Anyone who could not answer the questions about the jokes got a good beating by the stick of the capped joker. All this was extremely (very much) entertaining (enjoyable).[the_ad id=”17141″]

As we went forward, we felt hungry and thirsty. So we went to the kabab, sandwich and chat stalls (open shops). We ate some of all these dishes and then had ice-cream and cold drinks. Though the prices were a little high, we enjoyed it all, as almost every eatable was delicious (very tasty). We had a round of all the stalls once again. Students and members of their families were selling different articles like children’s clothes and toys, fancy shoes and electronic goods like irons, heaters, radios, and DVD players. I bought some DVDs that I could not find in the market earlier.

The eastern music show was a great entertainment. Different eastern musical instruments like the “sitar,” the “bansari,” the “shahnai,” the “been” and the “tabla” were being played with great skill (special ability). I felt like dancing at a point, and soon joined a band (group) of dancers. When I felt dizzy and my foot slipped, everyone laughed at me. The hand-wrestling game was a new experience. A handle had to be moved up and down with force, and the needle on the digits or numbers showed indicated) the strength of the arm or body. In the competition with friends, my muscular power was luckily at the top.

We bought some crockery and toys and returned from the funfair, full of joy and satisfaction. It was wondrously true fun to be at the funfair. Now I long (desire much) to visit several funfairs one after another in different cities, to enjoy fun, fun and nothing but (except) fun.

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