Short Essay on A Football Match

By | January 7, 2019

“Football is a game of force and a football match is a test of bodily power and skill.”

I saw a grand football match last month. The teams of our college and another college played this match in the local club. The football match started at about 4 p.m. Hundreds of students and outsiders were sitting around the ground. The Principal of our college was going to give away special prizes to the winning team.

After the match started, the players of both the teams began making efforts to score a goal. But it was not easy to do so as both the sides had the best players of the town. it was just before the interval that the players of our team started moving towards the goal of the other side. The left-in of our team was successful in scoring a goal against the other team. Soon there was the interval.[the_ad id=”17141″]

During the interval, the students of our college lifted the players of our team on their shoulders. I also joined them and started shouting in joy. We were now sure that our team was going to win the match, After the interval, the game was very fast. The other team was trying hard to score a goal against us. They were attacking our side very forcefully. Once or twice, the football reached close to our goal. The centre-forward of our team started playing the game very actively. He took the ball from the players of our team and started running forward with it. Some players of the other team tried to take it away from him. But they could not do so. At last, our centre-forward reached very close to the other goal. The goalkeeper of the other side tried to defend the goal. But our centre-forward kicked the ball so hard that it fell into the goal. It was the second goal against the other team. The other side could not score any goal against us, and we won the match.

Afterward, our Principal distributed the prizes among our players. He also gave away some prizes to the players of the opposite-side team who had definitely played so well. It was announced on the microphone that another football match between the teams of the two colleges would be played two months later.

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