Short Essay about Religious Extremism

By | January 8, 2019

Religious extremism means the holding of extreme religious views by the followers of a particular religion or sect against other religions or sects. In this sense, religious extremism means deep love for one’s own religion or sect or class and dislike or hatred of others.

The reasons for the existence of religious intolerance are quite a few. Firstly, ignorance and lack (absence) of knowledge and of modern education lead many a youth and young woman to the blind alleys (narrow streets with one end closed) of backwardness and inaction. The minds of these young people.. are almost closed to modern ideas and developments. When nothing new enters the mind, the germs of old ideas grow out of size into disease germs. These diseased ideas, heavy and negatively powerful, come into immediate conflict with scientific thought and reason.

So was TV viewing and the keeping of pictures banned in Afghanistan earlier. It was restored afterward. Nowadays teaching and training have become direct and convenient with pictures, diagrams, and drawings. It will not be possible to progress with the Western or advanced nations if we agree with religious extremists and outlaw or ban the preparation and use of pictures and drawings, say in the sciences, arts, and architecture.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Secondly, religious extremism grows or develops in an atmosphere of hatred, distrust, and enmity. One religious class or sect hates another simply because there is a difference of beliefs or ideas between them. One religious group distrusts another because they distrust or doubt each other’s intentions. Prolonged hatred and distrust result in deep-rooted enmity, Sadly and regrettably, some Sunni and Shia extremists developed intense (very strong) hatred against each other and started killing and destroying property. There have been many killings in our “imambarahs” (Shia worshippers’ places of worship) and mosques. The Muharram disturbances are the result of this hatred. The use of force against Christians in their churches and educational institutions was sometimes visible in different forms.

Thirdly, perhaps the worst form of religious extrémism is reflected in terrorist acts across the country. Religious extremists easily organize themselves into armed groups and bands and provide military training for terrorist acts and guerrilla warfare. Even if this activity is for pure “jehad” or holy war, it needs the approval of the government. If it is for the purpose of killing the followers of other religions or for destroying their property, it is intolerable. Further, there can be national religious extremism that can cause religious wars between one nation or country and another,

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