Part 1 Poem 9 (The Feed) Summary & Short Questions

Level: F.A / F.Sc
Class: 1st Year
Board: Punjab Textbook Board
Subject: English
Book III: Plays & Poems
Poem 9: The Feed
Type: Summary & Short Questions
Author: Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi
Pages: 3
PDF Size: 1 MB

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This chapter is from the 11th class English book 3 and it has been written by Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi. we have presented the important questions and main idea of this chapter for the intermediate (first year) fsc fa ics first year students.


The poet pays tribute to the love of mothers towards the young ones. Mother’s love is universal. She may be a bird or a human being, she shares the common traits with all the mothers. Sacrifice is the most notable element of a mother.

Questions Answers

Explain the last three lines with reference to the context.

The mother is able to break the grain into ten pieces. Thus she is able to feed all of them at a time. She looks at the little ones in amazement. Can they break the grains into ten pieces?
If they can’t do so why are they making so much hue and cry? Why does the mother split the tiny grain into ten pieces? She splits it into ten pieces because she can’t deprive anyone.

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