Poem 3 (Loveliest of Trees, The Cherry Now) Summary & Short Questions

Q: Read the second stanza carefully and write how old is the poet.

The poet expects to live for seventy years. He says that he has only fifty springs to enjoy. This means that presently the poet is twenty years old.

Q: What is the poet saying in the last stanza of the poem? OR Why does the poet consider cherry as the loveliest of trees?

The poet is fascinated to look at the cherries hanging along the branches. White dress of cherries is a treat to watch.

How is the cherry depicted?

The poet depicts cherry as a character. It performs various actions as it hangs, stands and wears. The poet sees cherry as the bride and the bloom of the woodland.

Q: Why does the poet wish for a longer life?

The poet laments that a man’s life is not long enough to appreciate the beauty of Nature. The poet wishes for an eternal life so that he enjoys the eternal bliss of cherries.

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