Poem 18 (Love An Essence of All Religions) Summary & Short Questions

What is the effect of love?

Love changes thorns into roses, and it changes vinegar into a drink. Love changes punishment into reward. Through love burning fire becomes joyful light, sickness becomes health and a proud king becomes as humble as a slave.

Is life worth living without love?

Without love life is dry and boring. Base passions such as jealousy and hate make life miserable. Love brings harmony and joy in life.

What is the significance of thorns becoming roses?

This suggests that love is a great force of life. Thorns are symbol of pain and roses are symbol of delight. In a miraculous way love can change pain into delight. For instance it is painful to remember a departed friend, still we love to remember him.

What is the significance of vinegar becoming sweet wine?

This suggests that love has a purifying effect. Vinegar is the raw stuff. Through processing it become wine. Likewise love purifies the base passionS.

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