Poem 14 (My Neighbour Friend Breathing His Last) Summary & S.Qs

Why does a person feel helpless on the death of a friend?

Our friends are very close to ourselves, and we think that their misfortunes are our own misfortunes. When a friend passes away, we cannot do anything to help him.This makes us feel helpless.

What does flare up flames from heart to height?

After a person dies we never know whether he is blessed or doomed.This realisation flares up flames from heart to height.

Without whose love is Bullah in loss?

Bullah prays to the Lord to bless him with His love. He regrets that without the love of his Lord he is in a state of forgetfulness.

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What conclusion does the poet arrive at as expressed in the last three lines of the poem?

The poet says that everything charming in the world becomes invisible. The only appreciable thing is the love of God without which everything is at loss.

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