Part 1 Poem 13 (A Tale of Two Cities) Summary & Short Questions

What were the physical effects of the attack?

In this attack buildings crumbled in a moment. Smoke spread everywhere. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed. A large number of the inhabitants got injured.

What was the immediate reaction of the inhabitants?

There were moans and cries of children, young men and women and the old ones. People were distracted and disillusioned.

What was the emotional effect of the attack?

Fear sank deep into the minds of the survivors. They could not do anything – to help themselves, their relatives and friends. They were emotionally shattered. There was no one to console them. The survivors felt the pain of being isolated.[the_ad id=”17150″]

What was the effect of the attack on the whole environment?

The delicate bodies of the children, beautiful flowers, juicy fruits and plants suffered the same fate. They were burnt and smashed. The surrounding gave a look of a ruin.

What is the poet’s major concern?

The poet questions the ethics of this war. There is no concept of a war – without an ultimatum. There is no point in engaging those in war who are not attacking you.

What are the poet’s comments about the American regime?

The poet observes that the American rulers did not care for even basic human rights. They were mad with anger. They decided to teach their enemy a lesson by burning them to death. The poet thinks that this wild passion made them behave like a brute.

What are the poet’s comments about the survivors?

The poet pays tribute to the brave people of the rocked cities. They showed great patience and courage. They bore pain with profound dignity.

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