11th English

Part 1 Poem 12 (Rubaiyat) Summary & Short Questions

Level: F.A / F.Sc
Class: 1st Year
Board: Punjab Textbook Board
Subject: English
Book III: Plays & Poems
Poem 12: Rubaiyat
Type: Summary & Short Questions
Author: Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal
Pages: 3
PDF Size: 1 MB

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This chapter is from the 11th class English book 3 and it has been written by Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal. we have presented the important questions and main idea of this chapter for the intermediate (first year) fsc fa ics i.com first year students.


The poem Rubaiyat mainly addresses Muslims. The poet believes that man in the modern age lacks faith and conviction. People are selfish and worldly-wise. They do not have belief in religious, cultural and social values. Thus they are completely lost. Only faith can elevate their personality. Without faith people become slaves of temptations and worldly gains. The poet believes that we need faith of Abraham (may peace be upon him). He was thrown in fire but he was saved by his faith. He also believes that the Muslims harmony depends upon the true faith in. Islam. Ethnic and linguistic factors divide them, but religion unites them. They should not look towards faithless Europe for attaining dignity and honour. Ironically, however, Muslims are also unable to lead the world. Their soul is without real feelings. They are disorganized and disillusioned. Thus they cannot provide comfort to others.

Questions Answers

Why is faith so vital for the modern age?

In the present era people have become slaves of their own desires. Only faith can liberate them from this slavery.

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