11th Class Poem 11 (Leisure) Summary & Short Questions

What is meant by the phrase “Beauty’s glance”?

In this phrase, Beauty means a beautiful maiden. By Beauty’s glance, the poet suggests that her looks are fascinating.

What message is there in the last two lines?

The poet feels sorry for the modern man whose life is full of worries and cares. He does not have time to see the beautiful things around him.

Why do you think the poet has given this title to the poem when he is talking about life full of cares with no time to stand and stare? or What is the central theme of the poem?

In the poem Leisure, the poet shares the message that people in the modern era are Crazy about worldly pursuits. They keep on doing one thing after another to earn more money. In this pursuit they are over-worked, tired and unhappy. It is : strange that they earn money through sheer hard work. They do so to attain more joys in life, but in fact they have everything in life except joy. They are so busy in coping with daily routines of life that they have no time to pay attention to the beauty around them. The poet wishes that he had enough time to stand and look at the beauty of nature. He would like to enjoy music, concerts and fascinating | smiles. Sadly, the poet knows that he cannot do so. His life is full of worries and cares, and he cannot even stand and see the beautiful things around him.

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