Play 1 (Heat Lightning) Summary & Short Questions 11th Class English

Q: What are the factors that played their role in saving the Girl?

The Girl had lucky escape on numerous occassions. First, the killer chased her a long way, but he could not trace her. Perhaps, dark night and bad weather proved for the Girl as blessing in disguise. Later, luckily for the Girl, the First Man was dead sure that she did not suspect him at all. He asked many probing questions, but the Girl was too upset to answer these questions properly. The First Man was relieved to know that she did not remember his features at all. He was also relieved to know that she did not want to go to the police. Had the First Man become suspicious about the Girl she would have been in real trouble. At the end, the Girl sees her flashlight with the First Man, and then she came to know that he was the killer. At this point she rushes outside and the First Man chases her. Luckily again, a dog who wanted to get away from the storm entered inside. The dog attacked the evil man who ran away instantly. Thus, the Girl had the last miraculous escape.[the_ad id=”17151″]

Q: How did the Girl realise the truth?

The Girl had a lot of faith in the First Man. She never suspected him. In fact she considered him as her saviour. it was only in the end that she came to know the truth. After the Girl had refused to go with the Second Man, the Girl started talking with the First Man. Meanwhile, the light became very dim. They could not see anything at all. The First Man turned the flashlight on. The Girl was quick to remember that it was the same flashlight that she had dropped on the way as the killer was chasing her. Finding this flashlight with the First Man, she came to know that the First Man was the real killer.

Q: What type of environment is there in the play “Heat Lightning”?

The play consists of sensational events. Fear prevails everywhere. At the very start we see a man dragging a dead body. The Girl suspects him to be a killer. She runs away from the spot. She has a notion that she is being attacked by the killer. The Second Man also terrifies her a lot. She thinks that he might be the killer. At the end the Man is exposed. She now comes to know that the Man is the real killer. She has a lucky escape here. The whole surrounding is terrifying. Dark night, storm, thunder and the lightning make the Girl fearful. Even the dismal and mysterious setting of the station is rather disturbing.

Q: Give a brief description of the Girl.

In the play “Heat Lightning the Girl is the main character. The Girl is the victim of fear. She is young and emotionally unstable. The shocking incident of seeing a person dragging the dead body makes her fearful and suspicious. As a frightened person she behaves, in a strange way. Her mind is occupied with symbols of terror. Storm terrifies her. Lightning terrifies her. The crash of thunder terrifies her. The Second Man terrifies her. The image of the killer terrifies her. In this state of mind she behaves like a child. She looks for safety and security. She at last puts faith in the Man. She shows faithfulness to the Man by refusing to accompany the Second Man. She prefers to stay with the Man. She never knew that the Man was the real killer.

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