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By | January 1, 2019

My School Library (400 Words) Essay 1

Our school library is in a separate block, consisting of a spacious hall, a reading room and the office of the librarian and his assistants. In fact, it is a world of books. knowledge and wisdom. It is not a big library like the public libraries which are meant for general readers, research workers and scholars. It contains a wise and careful selection of books which may be needed by school students, for a higher and deeper study of their subjects. Class teachers usually guide their students.

A section of our library is reserved for such textbooks and help books as can be issued to the poor students who cannot buy them from the bazaar. The course books can be issued for a month, while the other library books cannot be retained for more than two weeks. If a student fails to return a book within the prescribed period, he is fined by the librarian. If on returning the library book, it is found torn, the student is bound to replace it with a new one or to pay its price. For this purpose, every student is required to pay library security which is refundable to the student when he leaves the school. No student is allowed to borrow more than three books at a time. The recommendation of the teacher is necessary for borrowing a book from the library.

Our school library has been divided into a number of sections labeled as Literature, Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, General Knowledge, Reference Books, Dictionaries, etc. The reference books and dictionaries cannot be issued to anybody and can be studied only at the library. All the books are placed in properly locked bookcases having glass doors. These are daily dusted and cleaned before the opening time. All the library books are systematically cataloged. The student consults this catalog and enters the name and number of the book on a printed slip of paper. It is presented to the library clerk who checks everything before issuing a book.[the_ad id=”17141″]

A big portion of our school library is called the Reading Room. It has large and long tables with chairs for the students to sit and study. A large variety of daily newspapers, magazines are found spreading on these tables but firmly fixed to them. The students are allowed to benefit from them in their vacant periods. A supervisor keeps a strict watch over the readers lest they should tear away some paper, picture or the whole of the magazine. In short, the school library does an invaluable service to the school students, and it helps them to become good citizens.

My School Library (600 Words) Essay 2

Outlines for My School Library

  • though not so big

  • our school library is very useful

  • its different parts

  • the reading room and its uses

  • the books available in the library on different subjects

  • other books that are going to come

  • how many books are issued to a student and for how long a time

  • special section for poor students who are issued books for a year

  • a grand library in any case. It is not so big

  • the most useful books

“The library of a school or university is its intellectual nucleus (central part).”

[the_ad id=”17142″]Our school library is not so big. But it has the most useful books. Our school library is in the new building of our school. It has a hall, a reading-room and three small rooms. There is also a small office for the librarian. The hall of the library is at its centre. There are almirahs of books on all sides of the hall. Long tables and chairs are placed beside them. Students sit here and study. The reading-room of the library, a kind of small hall, is at the entrance to the library. Big round tables with chairs around are to be found here. Newspapers and magazines lie on these tables all the time. During the recess, the reading-room is crowded.

In our library, we have the latest books on the sciences and the arts. The largest number of books is perhaps on the English language. We can find books by famous English, American, Canadian, Australian and our own language experts (linguists). The books on English literature are no less than a vast treasure. Here we find the writings of , world-renowned (world-famous) novelists, story writers, poets, dramatists and critics. There are a great many books on Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashtu, and Balochi poetry, prose and fiction (stories). I think we should have more of such books by old as well as new writers.[the_ad id=”17150″]

It is planned to get more books from other countries in English. American, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Persian and Arabic literature and to expand the library. Already some books on Persian and Arabic literature have arrived. It will be most proper if soon most of the standard books on the English and Urdu language and literature and on the main sciences are made available in the library.

Every student can get two books at a time from the library. He has to return these in two weeks. If he does not return these in time, he is fined. If he loses any book and cannot return its fresh copy after purchasing it from outside, he loses his library membership.

There is a special section in my school library for poor students. They can get books of their courses from here for a year or more. It is perhaps the most useful service that the library has been offering for many years. We are glad that old students, famous writers, rich traders, industrialists, and landowners contribute liberally to the library fund of the school. Our school is rightly proud of the library. I think that in the coming years it will expand to become one of the biggest school libraries in the country. The government has already sanctioned funds for the construction of a separate library block in the school.

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