My Idea of a Happy Life (English Essay)

By | January 2, 2019

My Idea of a Happy Life Essay (600 Words)


  • I often think how life can become happy as it is full of troubles
  • how our life can be really happy
  • when the common people are no more poor
  • when everyone becomes religious
  • when there are justice and equality
  • when people start working hard, and so on
  • not impossible to have a happy or ideal world


“Our ways, thoughts and systems make life happy or u, happy.”

I often think about how our life can become happy. Now it is really full of troubles. First of all, our life can be happy if the common people are no more poor. They should have enough income. They should be able to eat healthful food, wear suitable clothes and live in comfortable homes.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Our life can be really happy if everyone becomes religious and honest. Every one of us should speak the truth. No one should try to cheat others. Equal chances of making progress in society should always be available. Intelligent poor children should be able to study in the best educational institutions just like rich children. Able and deserving men and women should be able to get the best jobs in the government and outside whatever their economic and social condition (or situation) may be.

The society should be established on the firm foundation of justice and equality. Any person who does anything against the law should be punished. The law should treat poor people, women, and rich persons in the same way, that is, there should be equality before the law.

The political system of the country should suit the needs of society. It should enable (makeable) the ablest and wisest people to become rulers. Able and wise rulers will frame policies for the betterment and progress of the whole society. The society should be free of corruption and other social evils. Approaches, connections, bribes and other means (ways) of influencing government officers and people in power should be non-existent. It means that all rulers, government departments, officers and agencies should take independent decisions on merit, without fearing or favoring anyone. Then only will equality and the rule of law will be established on a permanent basis.[the_ad id=”17142″]

The people in the country should work hard to make their life happy. They should labor to produce more food and articles of daily use. They should construct new roads, buildings, and hospitals according to their needs. They should, in all other possible ways, contribute to the progress and development of the country. The people can learn to live happily if they get properly educated. A well-educated person knows what he should do and what he should not in life.

Health is of no less importance. Everyone should be able to make use of the best medical facilities. Pure and wholesome (beneficial for the health) food should be readily available to (easily obtainable by) everyone. Roads, streets, houses, and buildings should be perfectly clean to keep the people healthy. In fact, cleanliness of the surroundings and the body should go together with clean thinking and noble attitudes. The people should have high ideals of life to benefit others and to help in the establishment of a peaceful and forward-looking (progressive) society. It is very difficult, though not impossible, to have a happy or ideal society like the one pictured in this essay.


My Idea of a Happy Life Essay (400 Words)

This world of ours is full of troubles. These troubles or evils are of many kinds. Millions of human beings, in different parts of the world, are facing poverty, disease, injustice, inequality, war, and so on.[the_ad id=”17150″]

A happy life or a happy world is one in which a person lives in comfort and is happy and satisfied. This means he has enough income to satisfy his needs and to enjoy the comforts of life. In addition, he is happy with his condition in life and enjoys the satisfaction of the heart. The entire world would be happy if we have good conditions of living in every country or society.

Firstly, there should be peace. People should decide to settle all their problems or disputes in peaceful ways. They should try to settle them through discussion or through courts of law, but never by use of force. So also, countries should settle their disputes through conferences and meetings between their rulers or governments. They should approach world organizations like the United Nations for the settlement of their disputes.

Secondly, human beings should have enough chances of making progress in all possible ways. If a person has proper qualifications for a profession, he should be able to work and progress in it. He should be able to get a job easily. He should get enough pay according to the work he does (as he does it). It should be possible for all human beings to get properly educated and to improve their knowledge.[the_ad id=”17144″]

Thirdly, human beings at all places and in all parts of the world should be prosperous. This means they should have enough money to spend, proper houses to live in and good clothes to wear. Parents should be able to get their children educated and trained suitably. Old people should have proper incomes or pensions after their retirement from work. Ill people should be able to buy medicines or have effective medical treatment in hospitals.

Fourthly, we should have perfect justice everywhere. The rights of everyone should be safe and none should be allowed to trouble others in any way. All should be equal before the law.

It is no doubt very difficult to make our world happy. However, it may not be impossible to do. so. Let us decide to have peace, progress, prosperity, and justice everywhere.

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