Lesson 9 (The Foolish Quack) Short Questions FSc 1st Year English

Q: What did the foolish quack do with the old woman suffering from goiter?

He asked the villagers to bring him a blanket and a good-sized mallet. As soon as they were brought, he tied up the woman’s throat and struck the Swollen part with full-force.

Q: What was the result of the cure that the quack applied to the old woman?

The woman was very old and weak. The quack hit her hard with a mallet. She could not bear it. She died instantly.

Q: Which punishment did the villagers inflict on the foolish quack for killing the woman?

They asked him to dig the old woman’s grave. As the ground was very hard and stiff, he made slow progress. When the woman had been buried, the villagers beat him well and let him go.[the_ad id=”17150″]

Q: For whom did the quack dig the grave?

The quack dug the grave for the old woman. She had died because of his wrong treatment. It was a sort of punishment imposed on him by the villagers.

Q: What did the foolish quack do in the next village?

In the next village, the quack also claimed that he was a specialist doctor of goitre. But this time he was a bit more careful. He said that he would not dig the grave if the patient died.

Q: What did the foolish quack say before starting the treatment of his second patient?

He said that he would do his best to cure that disease, but if he killed the patient, he should not be compelled to dig his grave.

Q: Why didn’t the villagers let the quack cure the old man?

The quack said that he would not dig the grave of the old man if he died. The villagers guessed that he was a false doctor. So they did not allow him to treat the old man.

Q: Why did the quack come back to the camel-men?

The quack found that the way of treatment was incorrect. He thought that the camel-men had not shown the right treatment. So he came back to blame them.

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