Lesson 9 (The Foolish Quack) Short Questions FSc 1st Year English

Q: What is a clump of trees?

A clump of a tree is a cluster of trees growing together. They usually grow naturally. It is a very Common sight in villages. Such clumps provide shade for the travellers.[the_ad id=”17142″]

Q: What was stuck in the camel’s throat? OR What happened with the camel that was grazing in a field?

The camel that was grazing near the fields of melons went into the field and started eating melons. A melon struck in its throat. It was feared that it might Cause its death.

Q: What did the owner do with the camel?

The owner feared that he might lose the animal. So he tied a blanket round its throat and then struck the place with great force. The melon broke into pieces and the camel swallowed it easily.

Q: What did the man do who was watching the proceedings of the camel-man?

He shouldered his bundle and went to the next village. There he claimed that he was a doctor and could cure the disease of the enlarged throat.

Q: What did the quack pretend to cure?

The quack pretended that he was a specialist doctor. In fact, he did not know the A.B.C. of medicine. He claimed that he could cure goitre.

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