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Lesson 9 (The Foolish Quack) Short Questions FSc 1st Year English

Q: How did the quack come to realize his error?

The quack did not realize his error easily. After killing the old woman by his foolish method of treatment, he went to the next village. There he made the same claim. This time he said that he would not dig the poor patient’s grave. As a result, the villagers refused to take his help. Then he thought for a while and came to the conclusion that there was some error in his method of treating such patients. So he returned to the camel-men to seek their advice.

Q: How did the camel-man prove the stupidity of the quack?

One of the camel-men succeeded in teaching the foolish quack that he was a stupid fellow. He lifted a heavy stick covered with iron rings. He then struck a camel with full force. The camel took little notice of it. Then she struck the foolish quack with the same stick. He fell down unconscious. When the quack regained his senses, he complained of the cruel behaviour. The camel-man explained that what was harmless to the animal was fatal for a human being.

Q: What lesson does the story teach?

This story tells us a moral lesson that man must know his limitations. He must not pose what he is not. A man who crosses his limits always suffers a loss. It also shows that a little knowledge is dangerous. Those who know little but claim to be experts bring loss to others as well as to themselves. The third moral is that anything that is good for animals may prove harmful when applied to human beings.

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