Lesson 9 (The Foolish Quack) Short Questions FSc 1st Year English

Q: What did the foolish quack realize in the end?

He realized that he should not have gone beyond his limits. He did not know anything about diseases and their treatment, so he should not have posed to be a doctor.

Q: What type of the story is “The Foolish Quack”?

ٰt is an interesting story. It tells how simple people thought in the past. At the same time, it also contains a moral lesson. It teaches us that we should not make false claims.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Q: How did the camel-men cure their camel?

When the camel-men set their camels free to graze, one of them went to a melon-field and started eating melons. Unfortunately, a melon stuck in its throat. The owner saw this and feared that the animal would die. So he rushed to it. He tied a blanket round its neck and hit the place with full force. The melon broke into pieces and the camel swallowed it easily. in this way, this animal was cured.

Q: How did the quack try to cure the old woman?

The quack applied the same method to the swollen neck of the old woman that the camel-men had used to their camel. He thought that every swollen throat could be cured like that. He tied a blanket round the neck of the old woman and hit her with a big hammer. The result was unexpected for the quack. instead of getting Cure, the poor Woman died instantly.

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