Lesson 9 (The Foolish Quack) Short Questions FSc 1st Year English

Level: F.A / F.Sc
Class: 1st Year
Board: Punjab Textbook Board
Subject: English
Book I: Short Stories
Chapter 9: The Foolish Quack
Type: Short Questions
Author: Swynnerton
Pages: 5
PDF Size: 2 MB

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This chapter is from the 11th class English book 1 and it has been translated by Swynnerton. we have presented the important questions of this chapter for the intermediate (part 1) FSc FA first year students.

Q: What complaint did the foolish quack make to the camel-men?

He told them that he had applied their technique to cure the goiter of a woman, but instead of recovering she died. He complained that their technique was faulty, and they were fools.

Q: How did the camel-men reply to the foolish quack’s complaint?

One of the camel-men came forward and hit a camel with a stick covered with metal rings. Then he hit the foolish quack with the same stick. The result was that the quack fell unconscious.

Q: What final lesson did the camel-man teach the foolish quack?

The camel-man said to the foolish quack: “What is good for camels is not good for poor old men and women.”

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