Lesson 8 (The Gulistan of Sa’di) Short Questions FSc 1st Year English

Q: Why did the king Nushirvan insist on paying for the salt?

He insisted so because he did not want to do injustice to his people. He said that if he took a small amount of salt without payment, his workers would loot the people mercilessly.

Q: What examples did Nushirvan give to prove that small acts of injustice could prove fatai?

Nushirvan said: “if the king eats one apple from the garden of a subject, his slaves will pull all the trees from the roots. For five eggs, which the king allows to be taken by force the people belonging to his army will put a thousand fowls on the spit.[the_ad id=”17150”]

Q: What advice was given by Nushirvan to the people?

He advised the people to be kind and just. He asked them not to take anything from anyone without paying the price.

Q: What idea do you gather about the rule of King Nushirvan?

Justice is the key to good rule, King Nushirvan did justice to his people and they had great regard for him. So we can say that he was an ideal ruler.

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