Lesson 8 (The Gulistan of Sa’di) Short Questions FSc 1st Year English

Q: Compare and contrast the three tales.

All of Sa’di’s tales present before us moral lessons of different sorts. As these are the stories of the past, they are mostly about kings and their rules. These stories have a universal appeal because now in place of kings, we have the upper class who has wealth and power. The first story gives a moral lesson that we realize the value of safety when we have faced the real danger. The second story tells us that a society prospers when its rulers are just and kind. The third story tells us that the ruler should be God-fearing. Only in this way he can keep himself from any act of cruelty.[the_ad id=”17142″]

Q: What was the effect of the sergeant’s technique on the slave?

This technique proved very effective. After that he sat down in a corner and remained quiet. The king and the other people were amazed to see the difference in his behaviour.

Q: What explanation did the sergeant give for his act of throwing the slave into water?

He said: “Before the slave had experienced the danger of being drowned, he knew not the safety of the boat. A man does not realize the worth of safety unless he has suffered misfortune.”

Q: What happened when the deer was being roasted for Nushirvan?

When the deer was being roasted for Nushirvan, salt was not available. So a boy was sent to the nearby village to fetch some salt.

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