Lesson 7 (The Use of Force) Short Questions FSc 1st Year English Notes

Q: What was the condition of Mathilda’s parents on the arrival of the doctor?

When the doctor arrived, he noticed that the girl’s parents were worried. Their child had been suffering from high fever for the last few days. So they were disturbed.

Q: What was the behaviour of the child with the doctor?

The child was afraid of the doctor. She, in fact, did not like his arrival. As the time passed, her dislike turned into anger. As a result, she became aggressive very soon.

Q: Describe the child as the doctor came across her.

The child was fully dressed and sitting on her father’s lap. She was attractive and strong like a young cow. She had beautiful thick golden hair. She was eating the doctor up with her cold eyes.

Q: Why were the parents eyeing the doctor distrustfully?

The parents were extremely worried. They were eyeing the doctor distrustfully because they did not have full confidence in him. They were not sure whether he could find out the cause of the disease or not.[the_ad id=”17150″]

Q: What idea did the doctor get about the child’s disease before having a regular checkup?

The doctor noticed that her face was red and she was breathing rapidly. She seemed inwardly quiet and did not move. He suspected that she might be suffering from some throat problem.

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