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Lesson 7 (The Use of Force) Short Questions FSc 1st Year English Notes

Level: F.A / F.Sc
Class: 1st Year
Board: Punjab Textbook Board
Subject: English
Book I: Short Stories
Chapter 7: The Use of Force
Type: Short Questions
Author: William Carlos Williams
Pages: 6
PDF Size: 2 MB

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This chapter is from the 11th class English book 1 and it has been written by William Carlos Williams. we have presented the important questions of this chapter for the intermediate (part 1) FSc FA first-year students.

Q: Why did the doctor ask for a smooth-handled spoon?

He asked for a smooth-handled spoon because he needed it to use as a tongue depressor. The child was not co-operating with the doctor and the wooden depressor had already injured her mouth.

Q: How did the doctor finally succeed in examining Mathilda’s throat?

In quite an unreasonable way, he overpowered Mathilda’s neck and jaws. He forced the heavy silver spoon back her teeth. She opened her mouth. Her tonsils were badly infected.

Q: What was the condition of the tonsils of the sick girl?

Her throat was badly infected. Both tonsils were covered with membrane. From this, it was clear that she was suffering from diphtheria.

Q: Why did Mathilda struggle not to have her medical check up?

She feared that any inspection of her throat would give her pain. She thought that the doctor might hurt her. Like most of the children she was afraid of the treatment also. This is why she struggled very hard.

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