Lesson 6 (The Reward) Short Questions FSc 1st Year English Notes

Q: Describe the scene of Gorgios’ inauguration. Write five sentences.

The court room was decorated beautifully. It looked like a grand gymnasium. The members of the royal family were sitting on the platform. In a flood of golden light appeared Gorgios. He was wearing a brilliant tight-fitting uniform.

Q: Describe how Gorgios entered the scene as the Court acrobat.

The doors opened with a flood of golden light. The old man in his brilliant uniform appeared with others. His white hair and the red uniform showed each other off to perfection.

Q: What did Gorgios do when he entered the court as the first Court acrobat?

When Gorgios entered the court, he walked with the help of his stick to the hurdles. He looked towards the royal platform with sad expressions. People began clapping.

Q: What were the feelings of Gorgios on the occasion of inauguration?

Gorgios was a bit sad. This idea came to his mind when he was sixteen years old. His dream came true after sixty years. At that time he could not give actual performance.

Q: What question did Gorgios ask with his eyes in the great throne-room?

The main question was whether the people expected him to give actual performance in the court.

Q: How did the people in the throne-room receive Gorgios as the first Court acrobat?

People received him very warmly. They were all excited. They kept on clapping for him for quite a long time. They never expected any performance from him due to his old age.

Q: Why did the people assure Gorgios that no actual activity was expected of him?

People assured him so only to please him. He was selected against a seat for which he was not eligible due to his age. People never wanted him to feel ashamed.

Q: What was Jorkens opinion?

Jorkens was of the opinion that only determination was necessary for success in life. He said, “If a man was determined to get anything, and stuck to it long enough, he got it.”

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