Lesson 6 (The Reward) Short Questions FSc 1st Year English Notes

Q: Why did Gorgios go into politics?

Gorgios had a definite purpose before him. He wanted to get the seat of Court acrobat. This seat did not exist. He could get it created only when he was in government. This is why he went into politics.

Q: Why did Gorgios work harder than any other politician of his country?

The other politicians were carrying on the routine matters. On the other hand, Gorgios had to get something extraordinary. He could not get his aim without working very hard.

Q: What suggestion did Gorgios give to increase the glory of his country?

Gorgios suggested that the official presence of an acrobat at the court would increase the glory of his country his would encourage the young men and would make the army strong.[the_ad id=”17144″]

Q: Why was Gorgios idea of appointing Court acrobat opposed in the beginning?

Other people thought that Gorgios idea was quite foolish. So they opposed such a silly suggestion. Gorgios stuck to his idea and by and by succeeded in overcoming the opposition.

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