Lesson 6 (The Reward) Short Questions FSc 1st Year English Notes

Q: What was Gorgios ambition?

Gorgios wanted to be Court acrobat. This idea came to his mind while he was a Schoolboy. At school, he became the best athlete. So he thought to be an acrobat at the court.

Q: Why did Jorkens say that Gorgios ambition was a most extraordinary one?

There was no such seat at the court. He had to get it created. It looked almost impossible. That is why this ambition had been called a most extraordinary one.

Q: Why did Gorgios country not have the post of Court acrobat?

Usually there were no such posts in a court because acrobats were not needed to run the business of the court. It was only Gorgios wish.[the_ad id=”17150″]

Q: What had been Gorgios performance at school?

At school, Gorgios had won the high jump, the hurdle race and the hundred yards. As such, he was the best athlete at his school.

Q: Were Jorkens remarks You don’t remain an athlete all your life justified?

Jokens remarks were quite justified. It is a universal truth that no one remains young and physically fit all his life. So no one can remain an athlete all his life.

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