Lesson 5 (The Piece of String) Short Questions FSc 1st Year English Notes

Q: What happened when the meal had concluded?

When the meal had concluded, the Chief of the police came and inquired who Mr. Hubert was. Mr. Hubert replied from the other end of the table. The Police Officer asked him to come along with him to the Mayor’s office.

Q: What was Mr. Hubert’s condition when he was going with the Police Chief?

Mr. Hubert was shocked and disturbed. He could not understand why he was being taken to the Mayor Moreover, it was a matter of disgrace for a noble man like Mr. Hubert. Describe the Mayor. The Mayor was a stout, serious man. He was sitting in his office and Supervising the affairs of the market day.

Q: What did the Mayor say to Mr. Hubert?

The Mayor said to Mr. Hubert that he was seen to pick up the pocketbook lost by Mr. James.

Q: How did Mr. Hubert react when the Mayor accused Mr. Hubert of picking the pocketbook?

Mr. Hubert was a simple countryman. He was terribly shaken by such a blame. He declared on oath that he had never seen the pocketbook.[the_ad id=”17150″]

Q: Who was Manana, and why did he accuse Mr. Hubert of picking the lost pocketbook?

Manana was a villager. He also lived in the same place where Hubert lived. He prepared harness for the horses. He was regarded as an honest man.

Q: Why did Manana accuse Hubert of picking the lost pocketbook?

Manana did not actually see Mr. Hubert taking the lost pocketbook. He saw that Hubert was taking something from the ground. He presumed that it would be the pocketbook This is why he accused him.

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