Lesson 5 (The Piece of String) Short Questions FSc 1st Year English Notes

Q: Write down a short note on Hubert’s character.

Hubert was a man of strong moral character. He could not think of stealing things. He did not tell lies. This is why he could not bear the situation when people blamed him.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Q: Write-down a note on the character of Hubert.

Hubert was an old villager, very simple and very gentle. Ha once went to the village market. On the way, he picked up a piece of string. Unfortunately, Manana saw him and blamed that he had picked the lost pocketbook. Hubert could not & stand that. He was a sensitive man and told everybody that he was innocent. But nobody believed him. This hurt him all the more. People thought that he was a wicked man and was telling lies. As a result, Hubert fell ill. Before his death, he kept on claiming that he was not a liar, but no one believed him. Hubert was such a pious man that God confirmed his innocence by sending a huge flood.

Q: Write ten lines on the mentality of the people who did not believe Hubert.

People all over the world are in search of Something amusing and amazing. They want to have fun at the cost of someone. This is why they were not willing to spare him. They told this story of the string again and again to enjoy themselves. Moreover, Hubert was such a gentle and simple person that he could not present his case well before his fellow villagers. Anyhow, the main reason for his sad end. was the mentality of the villagers. They did not let him off because in this way they could lose their fun also.

Q: Why did the Mayor not believe the innocence of Hubert?

The Mayor did not expect that Mr. Manana could tell lies. As Mr. Manana claimed again and again that the pocketbook was taken by Hubert, the Mayor was bound to believe it. Once the Mayor had made up his mind, he was not ready to accept Hubert’s arguments. Moreover, it looked quite strange that Hubert bent down and picked only a worthless piece of string. This is why the Mayor could not believe the innocence of Hubert.

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