Lesson 4 (Thank you, M’am) Short Questions FSc 1st Year English Notes

Q: Why did she treat the boy with love in her home after punishing him in the Street?

Ans: She punished him in the street because that was her natural reaction. That rash 3 act did not mean that the lady was unkind. On the way, she thought of so many ways to teach him good manners. This is why she talked to him softly when she reached home. As he was of tender age, she called him her son and treated him lovingly She asked him to wash his face and prepare for meal.[the_ad id=”17142″]

Q: What was the conduct of the people who watched the incident?

Ans: There weren’t many people around. By that time two or three people passed. They stopped and turned to look. But no one came near them.

Q: Why did the woman not take the boy to police?

Ans: He woman realized that the boy was not a habitual criminal. She thought that he would have done so under some pressure. So to teach him a lesson, she brought him with her.

Q: How did the boy look physically?

Ans: The boy was fourtee; or fifteen years old. Physically he was very lean. He was in tennis shoes and blue jeans. His face was dirty. He was not a neat fellow.

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