Lesson 3 (Dark They were and Golden-Eyed) Short Questions 1st Year

Q: What changes did Mr. Bittering notice in Sam?

Ans: During the conversation, Mr. Bittering noticed that Sam’s eyes had become of yellow colour. This change was due to the effects of the Martian atmosphere.

Q: Why did Sam give a mirror to Mr. Bittering?

Ans: Sam gave him a mirror so that he might look into his eyes. Like others, his eyes were also changing under the effects of the Martian atmosphere.

Q: What did Mr. Bittering see in his own eyes?

Ans: Mr. Bittering saw little dots of yellow colour in his blue eyes. They were dimly visible.

Q: Why did Mr. Bittering’s companions not like his idea of going back to Earth?

Ans: His companions did not want to go back because they felt safe on Mars. So they were sitting in a relaxed mood. They thought that on Mars there was no danger of the atomic War.

Q: How much dangerous could a Martian virus be?

Ans: The Martian virus could be very dangerous. It was bringing various changes in the Earth people. They were becoming golden-eyed and dark-skinned.

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