Importance of Library in Education (Short Essay)

By | January 2, 2019


  • libraries of great use to students and the general public

  • books that we can get and use

  • how teachers, as well as students, can benefit from libraries

  • pleasures of the library reading room

  • our country needs more and better-equipped libraries

 “Libraries are essential for the promotion of culture, improvement of knowledge and opening up to all ages, all times and everything under the sun to all.”

Libraries are of great use to students and the public. They are a necessary part of our life now. Their uses are many. First of all, we can get most of the books that we need from a standard library. Libraries contain many expensive and highly prized (very valuable) books. Most of us cannot buy them, but easily borrow them from libraries to our infinite (unlimited) benefit. For example, plenty of expensive books on science subjects like physics and chemistry are available. Books on professional subjects like medicine and engineering are plentiful (available in large numbers). The price of each one of the best books may be more than hundreds of rupees.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Students of the sciences, as well as the arts, can study their courses with the help of library books. Poor students or those having less money can get the books of their choice from a library. Then they can read books by different authors on the same subject. Teachers can teach well after reading different kinds of books on their subjects. They can get from a library all the old and new books published on different subjects. They can have relevant (suited to the subjects) books published in different countries as often as they like.

The people working in different professions can get books from libraries to learn ways of becoming more efficient. For example, a farmer can get books on farming from a library. A businessperson can get books on business. A doctor can get books on medicine. And so on.

We can get books for entertainment from a library. We can have books of stories, novels, etc. from there. We can get, videocassettes, cps (compact discs) and movies (films) from some main libraries. The educational and instructive cassettes, CDs and films can add to our knowledge a great deal besides offering entertainment. While benefiting from this section, we feel like passing through a picture and music hall of knowledge. The library reading-room has some of the main newspapers and magazines published in the country and outside. We can stay there to read as long as we desire to our utmost satisfaction (or to our hearts’ content or to our fill).

Our country needs more libraries, which may be well equipped and housed in comfortable buildings. Small towns and villages should also have suitable libraries. At the same time, a vast network of mobile libraries can be set up for the common people in the villages, towns, and cities. But before doing this, they have to be educated to some proper levels. They also have to be instructed in the use and benefits of libraries. In any case, reading habits will have to be developed among our people before they start using libraries fruitfully. Definitely, we cannot progress well without enough libraries of standard quality and without a vast (large) reading public.

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