Developing of Modernize Pakistan – English Essay

By | January 9, 2019

Our people are mostly poor, underfed, uneducated and uncultured. Industry and agriculture are in pretty bad Shape (at a very low ebb or level). The internal and external trade both is far from satisfactory. The law and order situation leaves much to be desired. Politics is outwardly and inwardly dirty, and politicians mostly do not come up to the required standards of decency, ability, and capability. Administration and public institutions are soaked in corruption and malpractices.

Firstly, if we really want to live in the 21s century with pride and hope we should have to change our social, economic and political system. The outdated, outmoded and outlandish feudal “jagirdari, system has to be given up or modified (changed) so thoroughly that the millions of village farmers, labourers and workers do not have to depend on landowners or’ landlords for their earning or living. The lands in possession of big landowners should be distributed among landless workers carefully and judiciously.

Secondly, a crash programme (for the quickest results) aimed at equalization and universal education can awaken the whole nation to its responsibilities as an independent nation. A short period of national reconstruction, say, four or five years, at the most, will ensure (guarantee) progress, prosperity, hope and success in all fields of life.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Thirdly, we have to develop our industry and agriculture by means of (through) proper planning and action. We should invest our public (government) and personal funds in industries, which can: meet the internal demand and bring a lot of foreign exchange through exports. In this connection, the question arises why can’t we have the best cotton, sports, wood, electronic, cycle and car industries when South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan (having no more resources than ours) are moving far ahead in these fields? Agriculture should be mechanized as much as possible, and the labour released on farms should be employed in village, and city industries.

Fourthly, scientific education, research, and training should have a very high place in the scheme of national reconstruction. Scientific centres of higher learning and technological advancement with research programmes should be set up in all parts of the country. Atomic energy for peaceful purposes should be used as far as possible. For example, for power (electricity) generation (production), our atomic researchers can develop new equipment for better results. We can develop sophisticated (the most modern) weapons ourselves for our defense.

Fifthly, we should refashion our political system on Islamic (to ensure the rule of the most pious and able), American or presidential (to ensure stability) and Chinese (to ensure effective and quick changes and reforms) lines. We should provide means and chances to the most learned and capable people to be our national leaders. Political parties, in the end, should no more be more than two or three and which are truly national and patriotic.

Lastly, we should have a national programme of population control. Quality mass education should be such as to bring the people to understand that expanding families beyond a certain point multiply (increase tremendously) social and national problems.

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